Twiggr Studio LLP

A company serving architects, designers and clients for the last 3 decades pan India. Known for its extensive research in the field of products makes sure that the latest materials required for the design fraternity is always made available.

Home to some of the leading brands like Wuudply, Green ply, Green lam industries, Style Lam, Turakhia decor , etc. we make sure the best in terms of quality is always available to you.


    Plywoods using timbers of Gurjan, Eucalytus and Neem, at twiggr we can manufacture plywoods based on your budgets.

    we offer different grades and brands of plywood under the house of Twiggr

    Our supply for plywood is pan india including resorts, star hotels , residentials and large scale corporates.


    come dwell into a collection of 300+ varieties of veneers to uplift your project.

    Our veneer ranges includes smoked, embossed,dyed,coloured, and speciality thickness veneers.

    Veneer customization is possible based on requirements

    Come over sit and relax and enjoy veneer selections with our trainned and efficient teams.


    varied thickness from 0.8mm to 2 mm laminates. our collection of laminates ranges from wood finishes, stone finishes, fabric finishes to leather finishes.

    come explore full sheet displays of our laminate collection.


    Laminated flooring , engineered flooring, deking and solid wood flooring available at your disposal with a trained team of layers to come inspect the sites and give you feedbacks.


    Enrich your space with sleek modern elegant upholsterstered and solid wooden furnitures based on the design of your space.

    Our team of abled furniture designers will make your process simple yet comfortable.

    Hospitality, commercial and residential projucts our factories are all geared to handle any level of production and designs.


    Explore different styles of claddings using wood, concrete metal and stone at our experience center.

    with our cladding range we assure you that your walls will never be plain.


    Explore the beauty of fabrics with our team of fashion and styling designers as they create concepts for your spaces with statement pieces like curtains, runners, cushions,table mats customized wall paper and other decor items